Scertify™ OnDemand

Scertify™ OnDemand

Get the whole power of Scertify™ code analyzers in an Audit Report, on demand.

360-degrees Overview
on Code Quality
Have a full insight on health & improvement opportunities of your in-house, outsourced or open source development projects. Take a look at the service’s features.

Your audit report
in a few clicks
Select your quality profile (+1,600 code controls), the code to be analyzed, and get a detailed and exhaustive HTML audit report within a few minutes only!

Pay as you go
Whether you’re a bank, a small development team or an IT services company, Scertify™ OnDemand fits your needs
and audit volume.


Activated within 24h
Don’t wait too much for quality! Scertify™ OnDemand can be activated & ready within a business day.

Volume Discount
With Scertify™ OnDemand, you have full control and visibility on your “Quality” budget. Unit cost decreases with your volume of audits.

Data Security & Privacy
Scertify™ OnDemand runs locally. Source code and analysis results won’t be exposed, never.


Java/Web Support
Scertify™ OnDemand supports code analysis for Java (1.6 and above), Javascript, HTML/CSS applications.

+1600 coding rules
Scrutinize your code thanks to our repository containing more than 1,600 coding rules and development best practices

Preconfigured Profile
Tocea provides an out-of-the-box quality profile containing the essential coding rules. However, you can customize your rules repository according to your application characteristics (performance, frameworks, security, etc.).


Full detailed HTML report
For each code analysis, Scertify™ OnDemand generates an HTML audit report containing exhaustive results. This report can be easily embedded in your intranet or website.

Quality Indicators
Security, robustness, maintainability… The quality radar provided in the report helps managers assessing their applications in a glance.

Technical Debt Assessment
Based on the analysis of your code, Scertify™ OnDemand provides you with an accurate insight on the Technical Debt of your project (remediation costs that are related to code quality defects).


Code Quality Benchmark
Is your application on track? Benchmark your code quality against our exclusive repository (, based on the analysis of +5,500 development projects.

Action Plans
Scertify OnDemand establishes an organized list of fixes “to-do”. This enables you to deal with the most important issues first.

White-label solution
You are an IT serice company or an independant software consultant. You want to deliver code audit report to your customers? This service is available as a white-label solution. Contact us.


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