Scertify™ EasyCoverage

Scertify™ EasyCoverage is an open-source framework that can dynamically generate unit tests to perform basic verifications, thus leaving more time for the developers.

When writing unit tests, developers often have to write the same elementary verifications over and over for most classes. This is tedious and error-prone, and keeps developers away from writing more meaningful unit tests. Easy Coverage is extensible and highly configurable. It can work as a standalone product, or be used with JUnit, which is highly recommended. Support for TestNG is planned.



Automated Generation

EasyCoverage generates test suites automatically, so you can use it in a continuous integration process.

No generated Source Code

The generated test suites are not saved on disk, they are automatically updated at each execution and you don’t need to keep them in your version control.



You can choose which checks are performed, which classes and methods are tested. You can also produce different test suites with different parameters.


You can extend EasyCoverage by addind your own checkers. You can verify your own specific code rules.


JUnit Integration

EasyCoverage can work as a standalone product or in conjunction with JUnit. It integrates perfectly with any JUnit tool you might be using.


You will find the installation & usage documentation of Scertify™ EasyCoverage on the project’s page at

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