Scertify™ Code

Scertify™ Code is a static code analysis solution that detects and reduces risks related to Software Development (uncontrolled growth of the Technical Debt, low maintainability, performance issues, lack of agility, security flaws, etc.), thanks to a unique and powerful computer-aided refactoring technology. These unique features are directly available on the fly in the development environment as well as in Continuous Integration environments.

Software Risk Control and Technical Debt Management are major challenges enterprises have seriously to deal with, in order to guarantee the reliability of business-critical applications, and the agility of development processes. The measurement of code quality (documentation, conformance with programming best practices, code coverage, duplications…) enables IT departments to detect, to track and to reduce the risk of expensive failures. However, the use of code quality tools still raises some questions, especially when considering their implementation:

  • How to prevent defects at the earliest possible stage, before a code compilation or delivery?
  • Is the automation of code corrections and improvements possible?
  • How to smartly plan correction sprints that will really and quickly reduce the Technical Debt of a project?
  • How to educate developers for technical debt control and to raise quality and best practices awareness?

Scertify™ Code, accessible within the development environment and from Continuous Integration tools as well, allows developers, QA and application managers to:

  • continuously track code quality, during the development and before a delivery
  • plan and automate refactoring tasks on a set of components or on a complete application
  • refine code analysis by supporting generic and custom frameworks, and making easy the addition of enterprise-specific control rules
  • assist developers when correcting their code by providing them with detailed and contextualized solutions



Code Quality Analysis

Scertify™ Code analyzes the quality of Java, Javascript, C/C++ and Cobol applications source code to identify and track defects, programming best practices violations and security flaws, throughout the development cycle.

Frameworks Analysis

Scertify™ Code also analyzes popular development frameworks such as Struts, Hibernate or Spring, as well as custom frameworks you would have developped.


In order to prevent quality drifts at the earliest possible stage, the Scertify™ Code features are available via command lines or directly on the fly from the Eclipse IDE, the place where the code is written.


Computer-aided Refactoring

Based on the performed code analysis, Scertify™ Code allows developers to take their projects back into compliance, automatically or semi-automatically, with a specific rule or with a complete set of programming rules.

Code Duplications detection

Scertify™ Code detects duplicated sections of source code (copy/paste), in order to propose a list of components which are candidates to be refactored.


Easy addition of custom rules control

Scertify™ Code offers an API to easily and quickly develop your own company-specific rules.

CI tools support

The code analysis can be run in batch-mode or through Build Management and Continuous Integration tools such as Maven, Ant, or Jenkins.


Installation & User Guides

You will find the installation & usage documentation of Scertify™ on this page.


Hardware recommendations:

  • Multicore processor with at least 2GB of RAM

Software requirements:

  • Internet connection
  • Scertify™ Code for Eclipse : Eclipse Juno
  • Scertify™ Code for Maven : Maven 3
  • Scertify™ Refactoring Assessment : Sonar 2.6

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