Scertify™ Professional (Eclipse plugin) available for download

Scertify™ Professional 1.11.9 has been released. This Eclipse plugin is dedicated to analyze and automatically correct code quality defects (+1,600 coding rules available), through computer-assisted code refactoring. This new version makes much easier your first steps with the product, providing users with a quick start wizard and an embedded tutorial project demonstrating all Scertify™ features.


New features

  • A Scertify™ wizard

    When installing Scertify™ for the first time or creating a new Eclipse workspace, a wizard displays Scertify™ features (code analysis, refactoring, repository management, how to sign in or add rules…).

  • Embedded Tutorial Project

    Now, Scertify™ Professional comes with a “step by step” tutorial project. This tutorial enables new Scertify™ users to easily assess each feature of Scertify™ Professional:

    • Code audit
    • Rule repository customization & configuration
    • Exploration of analysis results
    • Automated & quick-fix code refactoring
    • Computation of quality metrics based on code

    To launch the tutorial from Eclipse -> File -> New -> Other… -> Scertify™ -> Scertify™ Tutorial Project


About Scertify™ Professional

Scertify™ Professional is an Eclipse plugin dedicated to analyze and automatically correct code quality defects, through computer-assisted code refactoring. It includes +1,600 coding and automated-refactoring rules , for Java and Javascript projects.



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