Recommended Coding Rules for Java Developers v1.0

In order to help you configuring Scertify™ (and other tools as well!) with the right coding rules and criticities, Tocea regularly updates Quality Profiles with the coding rules that seem to be mandatory/recommendable for development projects. Find below the coding rules that we recommend for Java/Web software development. Feel free to share or discuss with us, your feedback is very valuable to us!


Technologies: Java, Javascript, Hibernate/JPA
Version: 1.0
Tools: PMD, Checkstyle, FindBugs, Closure Compiler, JSLint, Scertify
Total rules: 1,055

Blocker: 215 rules
Critical: 370 rules
Major: 298 rules
Minor: 129 rules
Info: 43 rules

Recommended Coding Rules
Recommended Coding Rules
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Repository installation

In this tutorial, learn how to create, customize and manage your own rule repositories with Scertify™ Professional.

Sample XML Repository


About Scertify™ Professional

Scertify™ Professional Edition is an Eclipse plugin dedicated to analyze, control and correction of code quality defects, through computer-assisted code refactoring. It includes +1,600 coding and automated-refactoring rules , for Java and Javascript projects.


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Armel Gouriou has a Master's degree in computer science and is a huge Java addict. He originally worked for Tocea's R&D team where he took part in the development of Tocea's audit and refactoring softwares. He is now a member of the professional services team where his mission is to provide companies with solutions to tackle their technical debt.

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