Scertify™ Eclipse plugin

The version of our Scertify™ Eclipse plugin has been released: 3 new code-refactoring rules are available; the XML file describing all available Scertify™ rules is now published, enabling users to create & customize their own rule repos; Finally, a new product add-on dedicated to Java Security (Owasp / JavaSec) is available.

The Scertify™ Eclipse plugin is included in Scertify™ Professional Edition.


New features

Enhancements & bug fixes

  • Creation & Customization of a rule repository: The repository (.xml file) containing all Scertify™ rules is now published in the Professional edition and can be downloaded here: This file will provide you with the rule identifiers and data structure, in order to help you building & customizing your own rule repositories, as shown below:

    A tutorial/documentation is available here.


About Scertify™ Professional

Scertify™ Professional Edition is an Eclipse plugin dedicated to analyze, control and correction of code quality defects, through computer-assisted code refactoring. It includes +1,600 coding and automated-refactoring rules , for Java and Javascript projects.