Webinar: How to concretely and sustainably reduce the Technical Debt of your strategic applications?

Free webinar, on May, 23rd (03:00 PM CET)

Strategic applications support business activities and have to sustain performance of your company. While innovation and “time-to-market” are some major differentiating elements on ever more competitive markets, development teams have to activate different levers: functional response to requirements, commitment to deadlines and quality of delivered code.

Not controlling technical debt of software developments (in terms of feature, architecture or code quality) implies a growing difficulty to use these levers, and often means a concrete decrease of the organization’s agility. Negative impacts on performance of IT activities are important: product deliveries are postponed, test campaigns are skipped, maintenance costs and failure risks increase.


Through this 45-minute webinar, learn best practices and tools that will help you control, manage and reduce the Technical Debt of your projects:

  • Key indicators for measuring and monetizing Technical Debt
  • Common traps to avoid when starting a Software Quality Management project
  • How to integrate Code Quality Control & Refactoring with your software development process
  • Use Case: Open source project OpenKM’s Technical Debt decreased by 49% through automated code refactoring


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