Scertify™ Eclipse Plugin 1.10.2

The version 1.10.2 of our Scertify™ Eclipse plugin has been released. Find below the changelog. This plugin is included in Scertify™ Professional Edition.



  • Add a clean cache button to cleanup a previously downloaded Scertify installation
  • You can now switch of Scertify installation without restarting Eclipse
  • Add an option that enable log in Scertify console

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the metrics view bug for Windows. The metrics informations wasn’t attached to the project
  • Fixed the Scertify Marketplace issue with offline Eclipse. A timeout has been added to stop the process in case of an offline Eclipse
  • Fixed some cases where the filtering of audited criticities was not working
  • Fixed the bug of the include/excluded resources that didn’t exclude themselves from the opposite list
  • Fixed the bug for included resources that were not audited in case of a non java project
  • Fixed the bug of the Scertify downloading window that were always displaying in case of an illegal Scertify installation


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