How to extend Scertify™ features with product add-ons in Eclipse?

Build your Scertify™ version that exactly matches with your needs

As we plan to release something like 20 Scertify™ product add-ons this year (ie: metrics and coding rules for testability, detection of duplicated code, Javascript, security, PHP, Spring, etc.), learn in this post how to extend Scertify™ to get the features that exactly match with your needs.

In order to install a product add-on (in this example, Scertify™ for Hibernate which contains 30+ exclusive best practices and coding rules for Hibernate and JPA-based ORM frameworks), follow the steps below.

Installation of an add-on from the Scertify™ Marketplace

NOTE: We assume that you have already installed Scertify™ and you are signed in with your Scertify™ account. If not, please read the installation and user guide.

  • Step #1 In Eclipse, click on Window » Preferences » Scertify. The Scertify™ Marketplace displays the available add-ons for Scertify™.


  • Step #2 Select the add-on you want to install, then click on “Try”. A trial license token (valid for 14 days) will be automatically generated and installed for the add-on. You can get your trial license key from our website or your client licence from the Scertify™ Store as well. In these two last cases, simply copy/paste the token you received by e-mail, as shown below.


  • Step #3 To apply the new rule repository for further code audits, right-click on the project you want to analyze » Properties » Scertify. In the “Repository Selection” tab, select the repository.


Congratulation! Scertify™ is now ready to control best practices & coding rules for your project.

Of course, feel free to contact us if you have ideas of new product add-ons that might be of interest.


About Scertify™ Professional

Scertify™ Professional Edition is an Eclipse plugin dedicated to analyze, control and correction of code quality defects, through computer-assisted code refactoring. It includes +1,600 coding rule controls and 9 rules for automated-refactoring, for Java and Javascript projects.


About Scertify™ for Hibernate

Scertify™ for Hibernate is a product add-on for Scertify™. It includes a repository of 30 exclusive coding rules and best practices for Hibernate and JPA-based ORM frameworks. This rules repository works with both the Scertify Professional edition on the developers’ IDE (Eclipse), and the Scertify Enterprise edition in continuous integration (Maven and CLI).


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